School trips

The following is my essay that I wrote as an assignment for an English school AEON:

Topic: School trips
Style: Casual

I like travelling, but I am not a fan of school trip in general. The biggest reason is cost. The average amount of a school trip in junior high schools in Japan is around 63,000 Yen ($600), while that a high school trip is around 100,000 Yen ($910). They are rather fair amount of money, and in public schools, there are some students who cannot join a school trip because their parents cannot afford it.
Secondly, it is almost annoying for me to see many students in the same uniform (usually all black) in some famous sight-seeing spots. Students are not soldiers, so I do not understand why schools train them to act in the same way even outside the schools.
Such students who experienced school trips, may choose packaged tours when they want to visit foreign countries even after they started to work. I have many experiences of travelling in foreign countries both on business and in private, but I have never ever used such package tours. Planning and arranging a trip is one of the essential parts of a travel, IMHO. For example, when I travelled to Italy in May in 2018, I first tried to book the flights by comparing charges of different flight companies. Then I booked an opera at the theater Scala in Milan, which was the biggest purpose of the trip. I also booked tours to some famous museums in Italy. Then I booked inland transportation, both a flight and trains. I booked trains at the TRENITALLIA’s site. Finally, I booked hotels on the Internet using a service of called All these tasks are important parts of a travel for me, and I do not want to leave them to others.
Travelling in a big group may lessen the chance to communicate with local people and to use local languages.
I would like to suggest schools in Japan to adopt a new way of travelling for their students: to let their students travel alone. The budget for the trip is predetermined. Students must select some appropriate ways of transportation within the budget by themselves. They also select the destinations by themselves as well. After they have finished their travels, they should write a report for the trip they planned by themselves. In a Japanese saying, it goes that “let your lovely child travel”.

ドイツSALAMANDER製ヴィンテージ物 WEDGE 西洋剃刀

第2次大戦の後、ほんの10年くらいゾーリンゲンに存在したメーカーみたいです。名前に”Wedge”とあるんですが、実際にはご覧の通り1/4 Hollowくらいで、むしろこの間のスウェーデン製の方がベタに近いと思います。到着時の状態の刃はイマイチだったので、# 3000と合砥で研ぎ直しました。
早速お風呂で使ったみました。刃の剛性感は当然Full Hollowよりもあって安定しています。ただ、鼻と口の間の髭は良く剃れましたが、もみあげ部の髭はイマイチ良く剃れません。この当時の鋼はスウェーデン製の方が優れているかなと思います。これまで試した4本の中で一番深剃りが利くのはスウェーデン製の1/4 Hollowのものです。